Saturday, April 30, 2016

Event 1: Toni Dove

I really enjoyed this event with artist Toni Dove because I wasn't completely sure what to expect. What I found most interesting was her work with Interactivity, which is using part of human sensory as a way in which we connect to media. Before this show I did not even know that art like this existed or was even possible.

She showed us how she does her work with Artificial Changelings: scrolling and scrubbing the video with her hands. It was really cool to see because the relationship with media is different because her body was the interface that controlled everything. She described it as "It almost feels as if you're on anesthesia, you get to play with all of your senses."  In the clip below, she is controlling all of the video with her hand and arm movements. At first I didn't believe it, but as she slowed down and explained to us how it all works it became very engaging.
The video posted below is what Toni Dove labeled Spectropia, she used improvisation and collides it with narrative to create a new entity and is about the augmented real world. 
I thought it connected very well with our class these last few weeks with finding a "third culture". It's taking an art and combining it with cinema and science and Toni Dove's use of Interactivity. It opened my eyes to a very creative and artistic world that can help create other cultures beyond a third culture. It helped me realize that there are still a lot of ways in which we can combine the two cultures for more creativity that people haven't discovered yet.  

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