Sunday, May 8, 2016

Week 6: BioTech+Art

What is life and what does it mean when we manipulate it? The relationship between biology scientists and artists is very intruiging. Joe Davis (lecture) is considered the pioneer of bioart, he created the Audio Microscope, which transforms a living cells to turn into an image. He also did an experiment where he showed how E.Coli reacts to different types of sound waves, which is pretty amazing. Eduardo Catz fluorescent bunny, (lecture) the bunny had genes from a fluorescent jellyfish interested in it and it was called ‘art’, it is pretty amazing that this is how we can see how the development of nerve cells in the brain and body to see how cancer spreads. I found this very interesting because my grandpa who has cancer has had this done to him.
Adam Zaretzky (lecture 2), he created four major biological artworks that are extremely controversial. I did not eve know that rats could laugh, it is quite astonishing that we are able to figure out what ultrasonic emmissions are created when the rats aren’t stressed out. Kathy Hyde embraced the idea that we should look at these animals as beings that can help us find solutions with human heath. (lecture 3)

In Ellen  Levy’s essay on Defining Life: Artists Challenge Conventional Classifications comments on slime mold, I believe it explained the exchange of art and biooigy perfectly, “It is an imporobable mix of animal, plant, and fungus- an anomaly that may exemplify some of the scientific and artistic developments taking place around us.” (1) this encompasses everything about this weeks lecture. In Chris Kelty’s essay on Outlaw biology, he talks about he wants to teach people the “ebbs and flows” of the microorganisms in the present environment by using he DIY module. I can see the greatness and usefulness in it, but at the same time I agree that it can be very dangerous if people mess with the wrong things. He puts it is, “it’s either an economic miracle waiting to happen or an apocalypse around the corner.” (2)

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